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[Paint Shop Pro Tips & Tricks]

Paint Shop Pro

Important News!

Ok the new site is still up and still running. The poll is over and the results are:

Version 6.x 63.51%
Version 5.x 24.32%
Version 3.x 9.46%
Version 4.x 2.70%
Doesn't apply 0.00%
74 responses  

So, there you have it.

End of News!

Better known as creating custom graphics the hard way! All kidding aside, Paint Shop Pro offers an economical way to create custom graphics.

Sure there is a little more work involved and it may not always be easy. However, for those on a tight budget, this may be an affordable solution for the moment.

[Design Factory Plaza]

Well, in case your wondering, The Tip of the Month can be found at the Design Factory Plaza.

In the mean time enjoy for now!

[Custom Graphics Effects]

Don't get all happy yet, because not all effects can be accomplished with Paint Shop Pro alone. That is at least with version 3.1x, custom effects tend to be a little more difficult. For all practical purposes, let's just call that the "inherent limitations" of Paint Shop Pro v3.1x.

Not to worry though, because creating custom effects is still obtainable. That is if you know how!

i/us:Your Graphics Community i/us:Your Graphics Community

[Past Tips]

Tip # 1 - Creating a special edge around photos or images

Tip # 2 - Creating a frame around photos or images

Tip # 3 - Creating a simple textured image

Tip # 4 - Creating a hand-colored image

Tip # 5 - Creating a Neon Glow Text Effect

Tip # 6 - Creating a Rough Text Effect

Tip # 7 - Creating a 3D Text Effect

Tip # 8 - Creating another type of 3D Text

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[All Graphics Created with Paint Shop Pro v3.11]

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