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Productivity Enhancer

For Version 3

Unfortunately, version 3 is a bit sparse when it comes to keyboard shortcuts. Nevertheless, keyboard shortcuts are an easy way to increase your productivity output. They allow for a faster way to execute a command or display a menu than by using the mouse. In essence, keyboard shortcuts will save you a lot of time, especially when performing repetitive tasks.

File Menu
Alt + F
Edit Menu
Alt + E
New Ctrl + N   Undo Ctrl + Z
Open Ctrl + O   Cut Ctrl + X
Save Ctrl + S   Copy Ctrl + C
Save As F12   Paste  
Delete Del   As New Image Ctrl + V
Print Ctrl + P   As New Selection Ctrl + E 
      Into Selection Ctrl + L
View Menu  Alt + V     
Full Screen Shift + F   Image Menu Alt + I
      Flip Ctrl + F
Colors Menu Alt + C   Mirror Ctrl + M
Window Menu Alt + W    Capture Menu Alt + A
Tile Shift + F5      
Cascade Shift + F4      

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