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Metallic 3D Ring

For Version 3

Finished image

This is for the few diehards that are still messing around with version 3. And, for myself, I just couldn't resist the temptation to create something else with version 3.

So, to start off, this is relatively simple even without gadgets (plugins) or user-defined filters.

  1. Create a new image (Ctrl N) and the image type to "16.7 million colors (24 bit)." Set the background to black (before or after).
  2. Select the "Oval Hollow Tool" and draw a white symmetrical circle. For my example I set the tool width of the oval to "10."

Symmetrical circle with a tool width of 10
  1. Apply the "blur more" filter (Image|Normal Filters|Blur More). For my example I applied the filter "3" times.

Blur more filter applied 3 times

  1. Apply the "erode" filter (Image|Special Filters|Erode).

Erode filter applied once

  1. Apply the "equalize" histogram function (Colors|Histogram Functions|Equalize).

Equalize histogram function applied once

  1. OK, almost done. Increase the "shadow" level (Colors|Adjust|Highlight/Midtone/Shadow...) until the background is totally black. And now, you're pretty much done.

Increase shadow until background is totally black

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