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Charcoalized Photo

For Version 4

Finished image

This is one of those effects that takes some experimentation to achieve the desired result. The amount of "noise" that's added and adjustments in "Highlight, Midtone and Shadows" will depend on the original image and your taste.

  1. Open the image that you wish to apply this effect (Ctrl + O).

Original Image
  1. Apply the "greyscale" color function to the image (Colors|Greyscale).

Greyscale applied to image

  1. Apply the "edge enhance" filter (Image|Edge Filters|Edge Enhance). Note: This is one of those steps that can vary, you may want to "edge enhance more", apply "edge enhance several times, etc., you will just have to experiment around.

Edge Enhance filter applied once

  1. Apply the "Add Noise" filter (Image|Special Filters|Add Noise...). For this specific image I used "random noise" with a value of 30. Note: The amount of noise that's added will vary depending on the original image. Experiment around for the best effect.

Add Noise filter applied (noise value @ 30)

  1. I guess you can say that this last step is optional. I adjusted the luminance (Colors|Adjust|Highlight/Midtone/Shadow...) of the image because I felt the image was a little too dark. Basically, I decreased "Highlight" to lighten up some areas, decreased "Midtones" and increased "Shadows" to balance out the dark areas.

Adjusted luminance to obtain the desired effect

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