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Edge Work #1

For Version 5

Finished image

This is actually a port from a version 3 tutorial I did many moons ago. This effect could be done the same way as the original tutorial, however, I changed it a bit to take advantage of the features provided by version 5.

Edge effects are really handy and can dress up an image so that you aren't stuck with a hard rectangular shape. This tutorial will show you how to soften the edges by giving it a faded or blending effect that transitions from image to background.

  1. Open the image that you wish to apply this effect (Ctrl O). Note: Since you will be working with layers, either use an image that has a color depth of 24 bit or increase the color depth to 24 bit (Shift + Ctrl + 0).

Original Image

  1. Duplicate the background layer (Layers|Duplicate). Or, you can use the layer palette to duplicate the layer.
  2. Select the background layer (Ctrl + 1), make sure you click on the image before using the shortcut key and use the numeric keys on your main keyboard - meaning don't use the numeric keypad for number selections. Select the entire background (Ctrl + A) and then press the "delete" key to get rid of the original background. Note: Make sure the background palette is set to the background you wish to use.
  3. Deselect the selection (Ctrl + D) and then select the other layer (Ctrl + 2).
  4. Select the selection tool ("S" Key). In the tool palette select "Antialias", set selection type to "rectangle" and set the feather value to something greater than 0. Note: In this particular example I set the feather value to 20. Now just create your selection.

Selection created with selection tool

  1. Create a mask using the selection (Masks|New|Show Selection). Now "invert" the selection (Ctrl + Shift + I).

Mask created and selection inverted

  1. Press the "delete" key to get rid of a portion of the image. Deselect the selection (Ctrl + D). Now just delete the mask (Masks|Delete), choose "yes" when asked to merge the mask into the current layer. If you wish, you may flatten the layers [Layers|Merge|Merge All (Flatten)], otherwise your done with this tutorial.

Image after performing step 7 (final step)


PSP Image File (561 kb)

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