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Chrome Bar

For Version 6

Finished image

This effect is rather simple and not really all that time consuming. If you were starting from scratch, creating the gradient for this effect would encompass the longest portion.

Since I've already created the gradient, you can shorten up the process by just using it. To use the gradient, just download (unzip it of course) and place it in the gradients folder.

  1. Create a new image (Ctrl N). Set the background to black and the image type to "16.7 million colors (24 bit)."
  2. Create a new raster layer (Layers|New Raster Layer...).
  3. Select the selection tool ("S" key) and create a rectangular selection.

Rectangular selection

  1. Select the flood fill tool ("F" key) and fill the selection with the chrome bar gradient.

Flood fill with chrome bar gradient


Chrome Bar Gradient
PSP Image File

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