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Creating a Curve or Arc

For Version 6

Finished image

A few days ago I received an e-mail from an individual by the name of Nawin Singh. The request was how to create this specific example. So, you can thank Nawin for sparking the generation of this tutorial. Some of you may be interested in visiting Nawin's Web site, "The Underground Attic."

Having said the above, there are various ways to create arcs or curves. Hopefully, this specific method is one of the easier ways by using a vector object that can be, later, turned into a raster image.

  1. Create a new image (Ctrl N). Set the image type to "16.7 million colors (24 bit)." Note: the background color is of no significance, unless you happen to have the foreground the same color.
  2. Create a new vector layer (Layers|New Vector Layer...). Or, you can use the layer palette to create the vector layer.
  3. Select the Preset Shape tool ("/" key) and create an ellipse that's filled.

Filled vectored ellipse

  1. Select the Vector Object Selection tool ("Q" key) and then select "Node Edit" from Tool Options palette. Or, right click on the ellipse and select "Node Edit" from the menu selection.

Ellipse with "Node Edit" selected

  1. Select the top node point by clicking on it and then make the "node type" symmetrical (Ctrl S).

Top "node" point selected

  1. With the "top node" still selected, pull it downward to form the arc or curve. Pull on one end of the path to adjust the contour of the shape.

Arc or curved formed with contour adjusted

  1. Now quit "node edit" to see the rendered vector arc or curve.

Rendered vector arc or curve

  1. If you wish, you can change the perspective of this shape by using the node points to orient the shape into the desired perspective. Otherwise, you're pretty much done. Additionally, you can convert the vector layer into a raster layer (Layers|Convert to Raster) or use the Layer palette to make the conversion to raster layer.

Perspective changed by rotating and moving the node points


PSP Image File

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