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Transparent Text

For Version 6

Finished image

As with just about any tutorial, methods used to illustrate the technique can vary. This particular tutorial requires the use of a plug-in from Alien Skins Eye Candy 3.X collection. Specifically, the "glow" filter is used in this tutorial and, unfortunately, the demo version won't allow you to apply the "glow" filter to an image. If you have the full version then great and if not, well, you can use another effect to create the outlined look.

  1. Open the image that you wish to apply this effect (Ctrl O). Note: Since you will be working with layers, either use an image that has a color depth of 24 bit or increase the color depth to 24 bit (Shift + Ctrl + 0).

Original image

  1. Create a new raster layer (Layers|New Raster Layer...). Or, you can use the layer palette to create the raster layer.
  2. Select the "Text" tool ("A" Key) and add some text. Note: Make sure you select "Create as Floating and Antialias" within the text entry dialog box. Additionally, the color of the text doesn't matter since it will be transparent as the final result.
  3. With the selection still selected, position the text where you want it. Now save the selection as an "alpha channel" (Selections|Save to Alpha Channel...) or you can save your selection to disk (Selections|Save to Disk...).


Text added to image and selection saved to alpha channel

  1. Apply the "glow" filter from the Eye Candy filter list (Image|Plug-in Filters|Eye Candy 3.X|Glow...). Note: You can leave the selection selected or deselect the selection (Ctrl + D), it doesn't really matter. In this example, I used filter settings of:
    • Width = 10
    • Opacity = 100
    • Opacity Dropoff = "Thin"

Eye Candy "Glow" filter applied

  1. Now all you have to do is load the previously saved selection (Selections|Load from Alpha Channel or Selections|Load from Disk - depending on which method you used to save your selection), press the "delete" key and then deselect the selection (Ctrl + D).

Final image after performing step 6



PSP Image File

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